With her bags packed and ready to head back to North Wootton on Saturday night, Georgie Lingham instead found herself heading to Cape Town to take to the pitch in South Africa to compete, having again been called up to the Team GB squad.

With the Hammerheads having won the International Women’s category in the Dubai 7s and scoring a critical try in the final, a victorious Lingham is looking to continue her scorching form and take her talents to the pitch once more, this time representing her country.

Lingham said “It’s like something out of a dream – I was absolutely buzzing to have been part of an amazing Hammerheads squad and to have taken the title at Dubai, and out of the blue, I get THAT call and now I’m here in Cape Town, getting ready to do my best alongside the rest of the Team GB girls. My feet have hardly touched the ground!”

West Norfolk Club Chairman, Ian Trundley, said “As a Club, we are beyond proud to see one of our own taking such a major step onto the international rugby stage, knowing that everything Georgie does not only sets a hugely positive example for young people in our local area, but also for our Club and our community. We are all cheering her on.”

Lingham is due to return to West Norfolk once this tournament is over, and will continue to coach, play and support rugby in the local area.