Sunday 19th November, 2023 

West Norfolk Rugby Club welcomed a wide range of Youth Girls from U12-U16 age groups to play at a ‘Pitch Up and Play’ day on Sunday, aimed at encouraging participation in rugby for those girls who may never have played, as well as showcasing existing teams and their skills.

Lots of volunteer coaches and support from the Boys Youth U15 squad enabled numerous matches to be played across all of the Club’s pitches over a two hour period, with representation from local King’s Lynn schools and other rugby clubs across the Eastern Counties. Competitive and spirited games were played by all, with a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that saw new players being cheered on and supported by the more experienced team members, demonstrating the key rugby values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship (TREDS) at all times.

The first of its kind for West Norfolk, Youth Girls Head Coach Ellen Collison said “Seeing all these young women come together to take part in a sport that can sometimes be perceived as being too rough for girls, and absolutely loving both the sport and the friendship they discover on the pitch, is so rewarding and shows that all Clubs have a really important role in building a clear future for girls in rugby. No-one should ever feel that they can’t take part – rugby is inclusive and has a place for everyone.”

With the West Norfolk Warriors (Womens’ 1st XV) taking to the pitch immediately after the end of the girls’ event, the home Youth girls offered to form a guard of honour to clap the senior players onto the pitch, ending the 2023 PUAP event on a high. 

Photography creditsEd Navrady